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Luxurious Wheels in Wesley Chapel, FL

Do you find your car drifts to the left or right when you drive down a straight road? If so then a visit to Tuffy Tire and Auto Service for new wheels in Wesley Chapel, FL, is the right move. Replacing your vehicle's rims improves stability on the road and helps keep you moving in a straight line while you drive.

 Additionally, replacing your rims can add a new aesthetic to your vehicle. Aluminum and other alloy rims are made in hundreds of designs and can be customized to fit with your vehicle’s overall look. Alloy rims also provide a performance enhancement due to them being lighter than steel. This improves your total acceleration and reduces the wear on your vehicle’s suspension system.

Improving Vehicle Handling

When you replace your vehicle’s rims, you should also think about getting new tires. As your car’s point of contact with the road, a tire is one of the essential factors in your vehicle’s handling. By using the high-quality tires we offer, you significantly improve your vehicle’s ability to maintain control in any condition. Even wet pavement will be easier to drive on. .

Additionally, new tires help to improve your vehicles fuel economy. As your tread wears they become uneven, leading to your car working harder to maintain the same power on the road. Because new tires have even tread, this is no longer an issue, giving you smooth movement along the pavement, requiring less power from the engine.

Complete Tire Alignments

Even if your rims are in good shape, you may still find your vehicle drifts. If this is the case, it is time to have us perform an alignment. This adjusts the balance of your rims on your suspension ensuring that all your tire treads get the same contact with the road. An alignment also helps to fix any drifting to left or right, allowing your car to move forward in a straight line at all times.
Wheels in Wesley Chapel, FL

Your One-Stop Auto Maintenance Shop

In addition to providing wheels and tires; we also offer complete auto maintenance services. With these services, we take care of everything your car needs to run smoothly. With the help of our mechanics, you will get the most mileage from your vehicle.

Contact us for your vehicle’s tire and wheel maintenance services. We proudly serve Wesley Chapel, FL, and the surrounding areas.